Balensi’s Institute Skincare & Spa Launches Signature Skincare Collection

Popular Southern California spa, Balensi’s Institute Skincare & Spa, has launched its signature line of beauty products following much demand from clients who frequent the spa.

The collection was conceived by Clinical Esthetician Lorena Balensi, who is the founder of Balensi’s Institute Skincare & Spa, after years of working with clients on their wide ranges of skincare issues.

Lorena worked closely with chemists throughout the process to come up with a very precise blend of each product that addresses all types of skin concerns.

The combinations of natural and advanced ingredients make the products hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

The products contain no fillers and were cruelty-free tested to be safely mixed with one another to care for your skin.

The collection contains a number of products including cleansers and toners, moisturizers, serums, and anti-aging products.

The collection is currently available to order online with free shipping for orders within the United States. You can check out the collection on the Balensi Skincare website.