People with hood eyes know how hard it is to do eyelash extensions on hooded eyes. The good news is that it’s possible and if done right, you can achieve beautiful and voluminous long lashes that can make your eyes look amazing!

In this post, I connected with beauty experts to share their best tips on how to do eyelash extensions on hooded eyes.

Jean-Michel Balensi, beauty expert at the Balensi’s Institute Skin Care & Spa,  explains that the extra layer of skin that comes down from the brow bone to the lash line makes hooded eyes appear smaller. This makes them particularly challenging but at the same time ideal for eyelash extensions because you want to open up those eyes. It’s always ideal to have this done professionally because it’s easy for anyone to use lashes that are too heavy or too light and you end up with broken lashes.

Here’s How You Do Eyelash Extensions On Hooded Eyes (Method 1):

  1. First, make sure the person’s natural eyelashes are clean so there won’t be any problems with the extensions sticking to them.
  2. Place two strips of medical tape over each of the upper eyelids – one to lift the outside and one to lift the inside, being careful not to open the eye. I will add that when you pull the eyelid up, do not hesitate to put the medical tape in the lash line before stretching the eyelid and not too far because otherwise you will not have the eyelid well lifted and it will be a problem.
  3. Use your tweezers to separate one eyelash at a time. Remember to only use one eyelash extension with one natural lash.
  4. Dip a lash in glue, and apply it to your natural lash. Remember to use only one small bead of glue on the extension.
  5. Throughout the application, use a mascara wand to brush the extensions. You want the longest lashes to be on the outer corners and up until the middle of the eye. Using the right water-based mascara for eyelash extensions is vital for every lash to last.
  6. Apply for degraded level, use longer eyelashes on 1/2 eye, from the outside to the middle, before degrading well inward to really open the eyes.

Stephanie Ivonne, a Licensed Esthetician who serves on the advisory board for Smart Style Today,  shared with me another method to do eyelash extensions on hooded eyes.

As someone who loves the look of long, full lashes and as someone with hooded eyes, Stephanie says that the struggle is real! Not only is the lash line less visible but our lashes typically don’t curl as much as we’d like leaving us looking for extensions. Paying attention to detail and double-checking your work separates a regular lash technician from a professional.

Here’s How You Do Eyelash Extensions On Hooded Eyes (Method 2):

  1. Apply eye patches over bottom lashes to prevent them from sticking
  2. Prime your natural lashes removing any makeup or debris
  3. When applying the extensions isolate each individual natural lash before applying to avoid sticking, discomfort or damage
  4. Once your lashes are applied which takes between an hour to an hour and a half, it’s important to wait for the glue to fully dry before checking if there is any stickiness or before removing the patches.

Some helpful tips to achieve perfect results:

  • Apply the lashes 1 or 2 mm from the lash line to avoid irritation or damage to the follicle
  • Lashes grow at different rates so spend an extra few minutes going through your work once complete to make sure there are no lashes sticking to one another that may pull one that isn’t ready to fall out yet
  • We lose about 1-5 hairs daily so going through the sections thoroughly double checking each natural lash has an extension besides those tiny fine hairs
  • Never apply more than double the thickness of the natural lash to avoid them look fake and too heavy to hold up

If eyelids are still drooping over the natural lashes even when lying down, it’s suggested you tape eyelids vertically up and over the brow to allow for more precise application


How to Choose Lash Extensions for Hooded Eyes

Beca Tuffnell, Manager at one of UK’s leading on demand beauty businesses, Blow LTD, explains that lash extensions come in various forms and have different curl types, thickness and length. To get the very best out of your lash extensions it’s important to look at your natural eye shape as well as the type of lash effect you are looking for.

The curl of each individual lash extension is defined by different letters, J,B,D,C,L and so on.
For a hooded eye the C curl lash is best lash to use it has a short and straight base with a natural curl at the end of the extension which fits in nicely with a hooded eye and is comfortable for the customer.

Lash extensions now come in various forms depending how glam you want to go: Full, classic, Russian, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D.

3D lashes are simply 3 x fuller and thicker, 3D is three extensions adhered to one natural lash. Although 4D and above are very glamorous they can also look and feel heavy.

Zoe, a Blow LTD Lash Technician explains that to apply lash extensions on hooded eyes, you should use a C curl 0.15ml lash and some 3D lashes, with a mixture of lengths throughout. Simply bring the long lashes as far to the middle of the eyelid as possible to create an open eye look and then make each lash smaller towards the inner corner of the eye at a gradual level.