20 Beauty Pros Share the Best Beauty Secrets They Learned From Mom

Mothers are often among the first and most significant influences we have growing up, tasked with helping to teach us the ropes of life and typically proving our first exposure—and only—access to self-care guidance and goods. (Cue the messy kid makeup pics, heated hair debates, and those highly anticipated ‘when you’re truly ready’ below-the-knee shaving tutorials.)

From small upgrades (a coat of mascara can do wonders) to big priorities (yes, sunscreen is really that important), read on as a range of cosmetic, hair and skin experts, and entrepreneurs share the life-changing products and processes they learned from their moms and continue to put into practice today.

1 Prep with purpose

The pro: Martha Lynn Kale, a haircare and clean beauty expert and owner and operator of the Mirror Mirror salon in Austin, Texas 

“My mom is a total beauty guru and it shows. She’s in her 60s and looks amazing, so I would do anything she says. Growing up in the south, we were raised to put a little effort in your look. My mom would say, ‘Whatever you are going for, do it with intention.’ Putting your hair in a simple ponytail can make you appear pulled together, and throwing on some lip gloss and mascara will give you a little pep in your step.”

2 Castor oil

The pro: Jessica Wright, MD, a board-certified general surgeon and owner and operator of Rejuvenate Austin 

"Several years ago, my momma, Diana Wright, taught me how awesome castor oil is, both for restoring the area around your eyes and getting eyelashes growing. Others have caught on since, with beauty experts hailing the ricinoleic acid-rich formula for its ability to moisturize, remove makeup, and beyond. While I personally find the oil too heavy to be used as a full-face moisturizer, and would advise cleansing skin directly to follow if using as a makeup remover, momma was right on the money regarding the eyes—it gives the area a much-needed moisture boost and has made my eyelashes long and lush!”