To some, fall is the greatest of seasons. Crisp air, bright red apples, pumpkin pie, and falling leaves come together to make this season of mystery and magic – well, maybe that’s the Halloween aspect. Either way, fall comes with major changes to both the weather and your closet. But while you change out your high-rise shorts for flannels and hoodies, are you also paying attention to how your skincare changes?

Lorena Balensi with Balensi Spa weighed in on this. "The often-abrupt shift in temperatures when Fall arrives can impact your skin before you even notice it. And as you adjust to the dry air your skin will continue to suffer if you don’t also change your regimen to deal with it. "

The first thing to change in your new fall skincare routine should be your moisturizer. The lighter moisturizers of the summer should be replaced with more hydrating lotions or creams that protect your skin from the harsher winds and colder air. In the summer, your skin stays hydrated longer from sweat and heat, while the cool air of the fall can cause your skin to dry out.

If fall is just a little cooler than normal for you, you could simply add a nourishing serum, such as one that contains hyaluronic acid, for a little added moisture and protection. But if you’re like me in Ohio, you might want something a little more heavy-duty. You can layer a serum and a lighter lotion moisturizer, leaving the thick creams for the dead of winter.

Of course, whether you decide on a serum, a lotion, or a cream will also depend on your personal skin type. If you’re oily, a serum might be enough. If you’re dry, your skin might already be craving a more nourishing cream. Experiment to see what type of hydration works for you and your skin type.

Adding a Vitamin C serum can help fight the sunspots that the summer sun has left on your skin. While the hotter days are great for evening out your tan lines, the direct sunlight can also cause dark spots and an uneven skin tone. Adding a Vitamin C product helps to protect the skin from future damage as well as helping to even and brighten the skin tone you have now.

Eye creams or gels are also important in the new season. That biting wind can cause dryness around the eye area that results in puffiness or crow’s feet. Adding an eye gel helps to keep that sensitive skin hydrated and nourished without any irritation. This one uses aloe vera, cucumber, vitamin E, and rosehip oil in a natural gel.

Get ready for bonfires, s’mores, football games, and the crisp air of fall. You’ll be ready to enjoy it all with an upgraded fall skincare routine that keeps your skin feeling fabulously fresh in the changing seasons. Find your cozy scarves and cute ankle boots and head out into the adventurous season of fall!

Radha Beauty